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Below are past commissions made with acrylic paint on canvas or wood, and colored pencil on paper

Interested in a commissioned portrait? Here's how to get started!

step 1: Write to me below (or at with your ideas!

step 2: We'll further discuss details such subject matter, media, size, timing and price.

step 3: Send me your favorite photos of your pet or person. From here, we can discuss the best references for the painting, or possibly combining a few reference photos. Before the sketching begins, a $60 deposit is due. This will be deducted from your total.


step 4: I'll sketch up a few different possibilities for the final composition, and send them to you for your approval on the best choice for the final painting. 

step 5: I'll write up a commission contract with all the individualized details. Half the total amount (minus the $60 deposit) is due at this time, the rest after completion, before shipment. 

Thank you!

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