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Art Lessons

Like developing any new or unfamiliar skill, Art takes discipline and practice... but with enough patience, a positive attitude, and the will to experiment, students always find their groove! 

With 14 years of teaching experience in a variety of settings and contexts,

I believe in the powerful and positive effects Art can have on all people of all ages and experience levels. In addition to teaching new techniques and materials, my lessons emphasize the importance of using Art to strengthen self-esteem. I do my best to amplify every student's unique voice by highlighting strengths, all while sharpening unfamiliar or "weaker" areas. 

I understand each student has their own expectations and goals for their respective journeys in Art; what works for one student, may not work for another. It's my mission to provide individualized and thoughtful guidance to help students achieve their personal expectations and beyond. 

Whether a student is focusing on a project that dives into an element or principle of design, learning the proportions of the face, or just exploring an unfamiliar material, all of these lessons contribute to having a well-rounded understanding. I take time to consult with each student before every project to hear their thoughts on what they're feeling inspired by at the time. We use this inspiration momentum to start most projects, while focusing on elements and principles of design, developing and sharpening skills along the way.

To the right is the Student Gallery, click on each peice to find out more about each lesson!

Details and Rates

Supplies include (but are not limited to):

  • graphite

  • colored pencil

  • gouache

  • watercolor

  • acrylic 

  • charcoal 

  • brush pens 

  • digital Art (ProCreate and Photoshop)

Lesson Plans include (but are not limited to)

  • portraits 

  • perspective

  • techniques in painting and drawing 

  • figures 

  • observational awareness 

  • proportions 

  • values 

  • Art history 

  • exploration of new materials 

-All supplies included and I'll come to you! (SF South and East Bay, Ca)

-For Artists ages 4 through 18, of all levels of experience 

-One-time or on-going lessons (and anything in between!) 

One student/60 mins   $60

One student/90 mins   $75 

One student/120 mins $85

Two students/60 mins   $85

Two students/90 mins   $90

Two students/120 mins $100

Please contact me below (or at for rates with more students, virtual (Zoom or FaceTime) rates, scheduling and any questions! 

Thank you!

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