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My name is Jennifer Carrier, and I am  a visual Artist and Art teacher from the San Francisco Bay Area. Art has always been a giant part of my life, and I'm very fortunate and excited to be making a career doing what I'm passionate about. 

I was born with the gift of being introverted, which keeps it interesting when it comes to interacting and participating. Growing up a shy kid, I found Art to be my way "in", the way I could safely and confidently contribute. Thankfully, it's been my tried and true way of communication and expression.


Art classes and camps started young for me. While putting in countless hours of practice, eventually I made me way up to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, then California College of the Arts in San Francisco, both with a focus in Illustration. Here, my I started to question my passion for Art, something I never thought about before. I ultimately thought it best to prioritize my physical and mental health, which eventually led me to have an even stronger relationship with Art. Now, along with expression and communication, painting is my meditation; a way to center myself, and focus on the ritual and process of creating.

Intertwined throughout all the above, I discovered just how passionate I am for teaching Art. Showing how materials and new techniques work is fun, but getting to know a student individually, working together to discover their strengths and what they find inspiring, then helping them succeed is very rewarding.

Between various teaching jobs, I've had great opportunities to showcase my personal work throughout the Bay Area. From traditional exhibitions in galleries and coffee shops to public murals and summertime street fairs, I try to stay involved!

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