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Wild Roof Journal 

Contributor, Issue 7

March 2021

Featured Exhibition: Synesthesia

KALEID Gallery, 320 First St, San Jose

September 2020

SJ Mural Project

Mural on San Salvador, in San Jose, CA

September 2020

ArtBoxSJ Project, Steve Caballero Portrait

Utility box at Tully and Huran, San Jose, CA

Completed in August 2020

Cinequest Film Festival, Live Painting 

KALEID Gallery, 320 First St, San Jose

March 2020

Rookery Artisan Market

Forager, 420 1st St, San Jose, CA

February 7, 2020

Annual Auction 

Works/San Jose Gallery

November 2020

Collaborative Exhibition with Matty Heimgartner 

El Patio Mezcal Bar & Restaurant in Berkely, CA

November 2019

Residency at KALEID Gallery 

320 First St, San Jose, CA

Beginning in November, 2019

First Friday Street Fairs 

SOFA District, San Jose, CA

August, September and October 2019

SubZERO Festival

SOFA District, San Jose, CA

June 7-8, 2019

3rd Annual San Jose Day 

357 E Taylor St, San Jose, CA

April 7, 2019 

Shared Exhibition: "Unity in Diversity" 

Works/San Jose Gallery 

February 2019

SubZERO Festival 

SOFA District, San Jose, CA 

June 1-2, 2018

Campbell Utility Box Project 

Box at Hamilton Ave and Marathon, Campbell, Ca

Completed July 2016

Great Bear Coffee Shop 

19 N Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos, CA

December 2014

Shared Exhibition: "Colors in the Hue of Mexico"

City Hall Rotunda, San Jose, CA 

October 23, 2014

Silicon Valley Open Studios 

San Jose, CA

May 17-18, 2014

Silicon Valley Open Studios Preview Exhibition 

Art Ark Gallery, San Jose, CA

April 4-12, 2014 

RAW Artists Presents: AWAKENING

1015 Folsom, San Francisco, CA

February 26, 2014

RAW Artists Presents: KALEIDOSCOPE

610 Colman St, San Jose, CA

June 20, 2013

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